Who We Are

K7now is a digital transformation company operated by seasoned industry veterans. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology products and services industry, we have completed various technology projects worth millions of dollars. We have worked across various industry verticals and horizontals, providing them with robust and timely software, systems, and other technology solutions.
We have vast experience and deep expertise to transform your digital challenges into growth opportunities. We support small, medium, and large enterprises to provide flexible, interoperable, and dynamic solutions that will transform customer value chain delivery. We help align your internal operational strengths, and systems with digital technologies to support sustainable growth.

What We Do

As a digital transformation solutions provider in the industry, we have developed a large pool of hi-tech talent with diverse skill sets. We help businesses of all sizes and types deploy top-notch talents for the dynamic needs for their transformation projects. Our solutions help accelerate your progress in these challenging times. Moreover, we help companies in their digital evolution to meet the challenges of today through remote staffing solutions which enables them to embrace digitalization and scale their business efficiently.
Our services include customer experience delivery, data information exchanges, big data analytics tools, cloud computing, data management and integration, adaptable IT solutions, business process outsourcing, IT infrastructure development, dynamic workforce solutions among others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes and types within diverse industries with world-class digital transformation solutions by leveraging our extensive network of partners, vendors, industry connections, and contract talent pool. Moreover, we aim to help businesses adapt to digital transformation quickly and seamlessly through our custom tailored IT solutions.

Our Focus

The digital renaissance is driven by data and technologies that provide organizations with improved capacities to intelligently harvest those data for rapid growth. Our goal is to provide digital focused companies with those technologies that can achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. Our aim is to provide the expertise and support that companies need to manage various complex digital transformation projects and overcome the challenges they confront at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Our Values

At K7now, we uphold values of quality, integrity, equity, diversity, honesty, partnership, accountability, and innovation in all our professional relationships. We adhere to our core values while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships for our clients and change agents.

Your Trusted Partner for Digital Renaissance

We are a seasoned team of hi-tech veterans who have completed millions of dollars worth technology projects in our past lives. Each of us have 20+ years in the software, systems, and solutions verticals across several industry horizontals. K7now frees organizations from the operational shackles by democratizing digital transformation both within the organization and outside for enhanced customer value delivery.


K7now provides industry leading digital transformation expertise, data and analytics solutions to develop and support mission critical commercial enterprises on all levels.


We provide the expert-level digital solutions needed to tackle today’s challenges in value delivery and manage sophisticated customer experience programs.


Our expertise delivers up to date, functional and robust digital solutions that are as effective as they are as empathetic.

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Our primary focus is to provide your business with customer focused dynamic, flexible, and scalable digital solutions for your growth demands.

K7now empowers your digital transformation with high powered custom tailored solutions to lead fast moving companies from pandemic to prosperity.

Our Culture

We embrace a culture of openness, honesty, integrity, ethics, and morality. We are simply passionate about your success!

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Be Humble

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