Agriculture & Food Production

Welcome to Digital Agriculture & Food Production

The digital revolution has impacted every aspect of the human experience and is fast transforming the AgTech & Food industry that is responsible for feeding the world’s population of 7 Billion and more. Digital technologies are essential to accelerate the Agriculture industry to meet the demands of food sustainability and climate change. Smart farming and digital farming appear to be common buzz words to optimize natural resources with transparency and sustainability.

The AgriFood industry can rapidly benefit from drone technologies, IoT Sensors, cloud computing, big data analytics, and data scientists. The hunt to find the matching digital solutions to address the opportunity is still far from perfect and K7now is highly excited to be bridging the gap.

Here are some of the hi-tech consulting solutions that K7now actively specializes for the Agriculture & Food Production industry clients.

Cloud Architects

DevOps Engineers

Smart Agriculture Technologist (IoT)

Agriculture Sensor Technologist

Drone Technologists

Precision Farming Technologist (IoT)

Data Scientists

Software Developers

Mobile App Developers

Full Stack Developers

Big Data Analysts

Data Engineers

Project managers


Food Scientists

Agricultural Engineer

Wastewater Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Water Resource Specialist

Natural Sciences Manager

Clinical Research Coordinator

K7now comprehends the rapidly transforming landscapes of agriculture and food production companies and is entirely ready to activate the express delivery of top tech solutions. A few areas where these solutions can be highly valuable are

Optimizing natural resources to new heights

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast disrupting the agrifood sector primarily in the embedded sensors on equipment and materials. Now digital agriculturists can monitor in real time their crops, wastage management, environment, and equipment maintenance

Drones & UAVs for Crop monitoring

Get a closer look at the acres of crop with an ability to pinpoint areas of trouble much faster and high resolution sitting in the convenience of your living room. Gone are the days where birds eye view from aircraft seemed to be the only viable option for crop monitoring. Moreover add the advantage of crop spraying with multiple drones at multiple areas simultaneously providing a live feed to your fertilizer partner to oversee the coverage.

Farm to fork management

Robots, Artificial Intelligence, RFID sensors, Machine learning, provide multitude of efficiencies, optimization, collaboration, and cost benefits to the entire agricultural life cycle and food production.

Big Data driven trend analysis

Dissecting a tsunami of data from numerous data sources, create a single view of crop management and holistic grain marketing landscape to hyper-target and segment retail sales.

Remove the guesswork and leverage empirical science to improve sales economics and growth opportunities.