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Digital technologies have transformed consumer habits. Omnipresent mobile devices, smartphone apps, cognitive automation, cloud computing, social technologies, intelligent bots, machine learning, big data supported personalizations, and much more allow consumers to fulfill their demands anywhere, anytime.  A surge in technology innovations have caused a revolutionary shift in customer expectations and experiences.
Businesses focused of redefining value delivery aligned with customer digital expectations and experiences need to prioritize the digital first business model. Organizations all over the planet have realized that a unified simple seamless digital experience is rudimentary for survival and success.
K7 Data supports businesses to integrate digital technology into all areas of the value chain in fundamental ways. Technologies have enabled a radical shift the way business engage customers and delivering a seamless experience. Such companies that transform digitally create highly engaged customers.

Big Data Analytics & Real Time Intelligence

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly essential to keep up with the omnichannel customer. Companies now require digital services that will not only help them transform as a business, but also deliver innovative experiences to technologically savvy clients that expect swift and efficient results.

K7 Data digital services make use of big data to help businesses make better strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition to grow faster. We the cutting edge digital technology, including real-time streaming intelligence, to assist companies in reaching their goals while improving customer relations and increasing revenue growth.

Cloud Solutions & Services

K7 Data team comprises a well-accomplished team of industry veterans, technologists, data science experts, and engineers who are highly passionate about our mission to offer digital transformation as a service.

We believe together we could help transform industries such as advertising, media, insurance, healthcare, life sciences ecosystems.

Automation Solutions & Robotic Process Automation

A central part of digital transformation is ensuring consistent quality by continued technological advancement. Sometimes this can mean replacing human labor with AI. K7 Data is here to make the transition to mechanized labor as efficient as possible.

Our automation solution consists of a wide range of innovative methodologies, including niche technologies like autonomic computing and software robots. Our aim is to increase cross-enterprise IT visibility and business efficiency through increased accuracy, reduced costs, and continued transformation.

Cognitive Intelligence, Ai & Machine Learning

K7 Data prides itself in going beyond the ordinary. This is why along with offering rudimentary automation in our services, we also provide cutting-edge technologies through AI and machine learning.

Our high-level cognitive solutions increase efficiency and personalized customer solutions while decreasing redundant process costs. A simple change can dramatically improve customer experience and satisfaction while reducing stress and resource wastage. Let us help you get ahead in the digital world while staying in reach of your clients.

Data Engineering & Management

Modern businesses are engulfed by an overwhelming amount of data. From healthcare to social media, companies must now store disparate datasets from a plethora of sources to get a complete picture of the customer. However, storing all this data comes at the cost of reduced effectiveness and decreased focus on core businesses as more attention must be paid to improve revenue growth.

K7 Data can help your business focus on what’s important, providing the necessary capabilities to maintain customer data and gain business insights without losing out on effectiveness and user experience.

Digital Experience

At K7 Data, we aim to not only transform businesses digitally, but also keep them connected to the physical world. With our innovative big data, cloud, and data engineering solutions, companies are offered the opportunity to extend their outreach to multiple channels and create a diverse platform ecosystem where producers and consumers are brought together.

Transform the market with insight-led and data-driven experiences that accelerate value creation and enable contextual and customized initiatives.

We are passionate about your success!

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Organizations need to rethink their partner ecosystems. Effective digital business transformation is actuated by the best network of vendors, partners, and contract talents. Build your ecosystems around digitization.

Disrupt your own digital evolution. The best partner for the digital renaissance need to have deep, industry-specific expertise across analytics, security, and cloud, with the ability to provide both strategic and tactical solutions.

We empower your digital transformation with data, technologies, strategy, acquisitions, and analytics to support your evolution.

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