Life Sciences

Life Sciences


Engage Physicians Beyond Face-to-face At Channel Of Their Choice Anytime, Anywhere

Seamlessly manage transitions among healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients. Bridge the gaps in collaborative care between transitions among care teams, referral clinicians, follow-up after emergency room visit or facility discharge. Create a comprehensive personalized digital care plan for each patient and readily shareable with all providers and enable access to qualified clinical staff on multiple channels including secure messaging, telephone, and internet.

Enable Holistic Market Opportunity Dashboard

Aggregate data from more than thousands of relevant data sources and update in near real-time environments. Big data aggregation includes geography data, population data such as demographics, socioeconomic factors, community data such as disease trends, people at risk for disease, pollution, access to care centers, clinical data, health behaviors, health outcomes, Social media data such as healthcare professional social access, influence, sentiments and Environment data. Combine these data sets with in-house utilization data, sales volume, plans, payor access to enable a comprehensive view of market opportunities.

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